Presentation Title: Profiling & Debugging Problems on Modern Linux in the Cloud
Speaker: Mr Martin Bach ACE Director
Company: Accenture Enkitec Group
Presentation abstract: There are many different layers to performance problems, much like an onion. There are problems that are easy to fix using the information provided by the Oracle Wait Interface. The second layer is one below: if the Wait Interface doesn't provide insights on what's happening and the session seems stuck at the same wait event, performance counters can help. With Oracle 12c Release 2 more than a thousand performance counters are recorded on session level, providing invaluable insights into session activity.

But sometimes, even that is not enough: maybe a process is "stuck" on the O/S level or similar mischief occurred. Enter the O/S profiler and tracers! Whilst the situation is pretty easy to comprehend on Solaris (DTRace!) there are far too many profilers on Linux: strace, perf, ftrace, SystemTap, a DTrace port, and most recently eBPF. This talk is a quick recap of the Wait Interface and session counters before the audience is introduced to profilers.

Presentation begins: 03/12/2017 16:10
Presentation duration: 50
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Audience function: Product Expert
Speaker biography: Martin is a consultant working for @Enkitec in Europe, focusing on Oracle Engineered Systems and open source topics. In addition to the day job Martin has become a successful technical author and speaker. He specialised in the Oracle DBMS since 2001, his main interests are consolidation, HA and DR solutions for mission critical systems. Martin is a member of the Oracle Certified Master community. He is also a proud member of the Oak Table network and an Oracle Ace Director.
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